University Entrance

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In the British system, academic results are symbolised by the letters from A* (highest grade) to U (Ungraded).

This grading system is applicable to all subjects from Primary Education to the last year of Upper Secondary (Year 13) *.

In order to pass from Key Stage 3 (year 9/ 2º ESO) and access the IGCSE courses (year 10-year 11/ 3º y 4º ESO), it is compulsory to obtain A*, A, B or C in the core subjects: Lengua, Sociales, English, Mathematics and science.

Key Stage 4, to obtain the Spanish secondary education certificate (ESO) and obtain the Double Title award, students need to achieve a minimum of 4 IGCSE’s with grades between A* and C, 2 of these must be from Spanish, Mathematics, Science or English.

To pass to Key stage 5 and the “A” level courses it is recommended that students obtain 5 IGCSE’s at A*- C particularly in those subjects that they wish to study at “A” level.

Students in Key Stage 5, may choose from 10 subjects available “A” level. It is recommended that students study for examination at “A” level in a minimum of 3 subjects and a maximum of 5.

Students who achieve the minimum number of 3 “A” level passes gain direct access to Spanish and International Universities.


Grade UCAS Points
A* 56
A 48
B 40
C 32
D 24
E 16


Grade UCAS points
A 20
B 16
C 12
D 10
E 6