Study Trips

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Sage College field trips are intended to allow students experiences that provide them with insight, information, or knowledge that might not be learned within the classroom. As it is widely acknowledged that not all children learn in the same way, field trips allow students the opportunity to expand their learning in ways different from those typically available inside the classroom.

The educational visits provide our pupils with valuable experiences which enhance their learning at school. Providing a variety of ‘real-life’ opportunities for our children enables them to achieve a fuller understanding of the world around them through direct experience. Educational visits are an essential element of our good primary practice.

Sage College educational visits can provide stimulus and support to work being covered as part of the school curriculum. It may be that a visit provides an effective stimulus at the start of a unit of work; alternatively teachers may decide to use an educational visit at any time during a project to enhance and support the curriculum. Wherever or whatever the venue, teachers should ensure that the educational benefits to the children are maximised.