• Lunch takes place in a large and bright dining hall adapted for all of our students ages and needs.
  • Key stages eat at specific scheduled times.
  • Table manners are highly encouraged and emphasised.
  • Varied and nutritious ingredients and menus, designed according to the Guide of Healthy Menus of the local healthcare authority (Consejería de Sanidad de la Junta de Andalucía).
  • High quality, fully-equipped kitchen.

Health Service

The Occupational Health and Hygienist Advisor acts as deputy to the Health, Safety and Environment Manager and will act as ‘competent person’ under the Management of Health, Safety and Environment at Work in the absence of the Health, Safety and Environment Officer. Normally the nurse will be nominated the Occupational Health and Hygienist Advisor. Other duties will include:

  • The provision of specialist knowledge on the assessment of risk from substances hazardous to health.
  • Provision of an environmental monitoring service to Departments and Sections as required.
  • Maintaining a liaison with external organisations and professional bodies on matters of occupational hygiene and related issues.
  • Co-ordinate the collection of hazardous waste from Departments and Sections and subsequent storage within the University’s Hazardous Waste
  • Store and to arrange for disposal in accordance with statutory obligations.
  • Assist the University Health, Safety and Environment Officer in his/her duties.
  • Develop an occupational health policy.
  • Carry out monitoring and auditing of occupational health issues to ensure compliance with our policy.
  • The Occupational Health and Hygienist Advisor Health Safety and reports to the Health, Safety and Environment .

Counselling Department

  • We provide a psycho-pedagogic guidance service in our school that gives support to all school levels: Early Years, Primary Education, Secondary and Upper Secondary Education.
  • The psychologist is a key piece in the functional development of the school. Their main task is to watch over and promote the students´ psychological development in all its components: psychomotor, intellectual, social, and affective-emotional.
  • They undertake assessment and diagnosis activities, both individually and collectively, in order to detect possible learning problems and disorders.
  • Psychological and psycho-educational intervention programs with preventive aims for development.
  • These are complementary actions to those carried out by teachers in classrooms. Their aim is to increase students´ integral development and school performance respecting each one’s different aspects.
  • Academic and professional guidance programs, vocational development programs, study strategies and techniques, academic performance improvement techniques, among others.
  • Personal meetings with parents to ensure close cooperation.

School Transport

Early Nursery

From Monday – Friday 7:30 – 8:30

During this period, your child will enjoy recreational and formative activities that promote companionship and participation.