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Year 11 chemistry students presented projects on the chemistry of wine, cosmetic, and hydrogen as renewable energy. As real problems are solved by using a combination of skills, they also used their knowledge in biology (for example to explain the importance of carbon dioxide for plants) and business (for instance to explain how some companies, related [...]

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Good morning, I’m Alberto. I came here in Jerez about 3 months ago and today I had the chance to present my project developed last year in Italy. Today was a significant day for me, I needed to engage students in a daily and difficult problem: European Union. We (my team) have been working [...]

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Last Thursday, our students from Year 7 to Year 13 had the opportunity to get some basic knowledge about how a drone works. They will work in different subjects (chemistry, physics and computer science) in order to modify parameters to improve the design of the drones, and for environmental uses. In that way, our students [...]

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            A level Chemistry students taught younger Year 10 Chemistry ones how to separate different components of solutions by using chromatography (to separate pigments from leaves) and distillation (to separate water and copper sulfate). Thus, the older students developed communication skills, and they underwent that there is nothing better than [...]

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Last May, our A Level students participated in the Literary Competition “Jose María Pemán” which consisted in the elaboration of a narrative about one of “Las Terceras” of José María Pemán, published by the author in THE ABC newspaper the 16th of July,1977. Students all over Spain participated and we feel very proud to announce [...]

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Students from Year 11 and 12 visit UCA and IFAPA

 STUDENTS FROM YEAR 11 AND 12 VISIT UCA AND IFAPA Students from Year 11 and 12 (with our teacher Francisco Soto) visited laboratories of Faculty of Science at University of Cádiz (link to the event in the website of UCA: and of the investigation centre of IFAPA Los Toruños. There, our students collaborated with [...]

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International Science Congress 2018

The Ist International Science Congress for Secondary Students has been held at Sage College, with the collaboration of the British School of Tenerife and the Dwujęzyczna szkoła podstawowa nr 1 from Warsaw. All the secondary students have attended the event, in which our Year 10 students and those from Tenerife and Warsaw showed their investigations. [...]

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International Science Congress for Secondary Students

Thursday, the 22nd of March, the First International Science Congress for Secondary Students will take place at Sage College. The international school ( from Warsaw, who we are collaborating with, will show some science projects that their students have developed during this year. Moreover, students from the British School of Tenerife ( are also coming [...]

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