• We provide a psycho-pedagogic guidance service in our school that gives support to all school levels: Early Years, Primary Education, Secondary and Upper Secondary Education.
  • The psychologist is a key piece in the functional development of the school. Their main task is to watch over and promote the students´ psychological development in all its components: psychomotor, intellectual, social, and affective-emotional.
  • They undertake assessment and diagnosis activities, both individually and collectively, in order to detect possible learning problems and disorders.
  • Psychological and psycho-educational intervention programs with preventive aims for development.
  • These are complementary actions to those carried out by teachers in classrooms. Their aim is to increase students´ integral development and school performance respecting each one's different aspects.
  • Academic and professional guidance programs, vocational development programs, study strategies and techniques, academic performance improvement techniques, among others.
  • Personal meetings with parents to ensure close cooperation.

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Sage College : The British school of Jerez

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