Academic Information

See academic information for times, dates of start and end of the course, holidays, etc.

Academic Information

School Schedule


Monday to Friday

9:00 to 17:00

Early Morning

7:45 to 8:30

Dining Schedule:


Early Years

12:10 - 13:50


12:50 - 13:50


13:50 - 14:50


Academic Calendar 





Trimester 1

1st September

First day back for Teachers

28th August – 4th September

Recuperation and levelling examinations

1st September

Meeting with Early Years parents 16:00

Meeting with KS2 parents 15:00

4th September

Meeting with KS1 parents 15:00

Meeting with KS3 parents 16:00

5th September

Meeting with KS4 parents 15:00

Meeting with Y12 and Y13 parents 16:00



First day of school for students


Saint Dionysius Festivity

12th October

Spanish National Holiday

13th October

No School

1st November

All Saints Day

24th November

Science Day

6th December

Constitution Day

7th December

No School

8th December

Inmaculada Festivity

20th/21th /22st December

Christmas show week

22st December

Last day of the 1st Term: Reports issued

 22nd December - 8th January

Christmas Holidays

Trimester 2

8th January

First day of the 2nd Term

24th February

Andalucía Day Show and parents barbecue

28th February

Andalucía Day

23rd March

Grandparents Day

23rd March - 2nd April

Last day of term/ Reports issued

23rd March – 2nd April


Trimester 3

2nd April

First day of 3rd Term

20st April

International Book Day and Family Day

23rd April – 16th June

IGCSE/AS / A Level External examinations

30th April

Community Education Day, No School

1st May

Labours day

7th May

Local Festival

10th 11th  May

Jerez Horse Fair

18th May

Family Sports day

28th May – 16th June


18th – 22nd June

Excursion week

20st June

Last day of term Secondary: Reports issued

22rd June

Last day of term EYS and Primary: Reports issued


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