• From ages 5 to 10 years (6 school years).
  • It is divided in 2 stages (key stages) and these in years: KS1: Y1 y Y2, and KS2: Y3, Y4, Y5 y Y6.
  • At the end of each key stage, there will be an assessment to check student´s level. In Y2: Mathematics and English and Y6, Science is added to these two.
  • Subjects belong mainly to the British Curriculum: English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, ICT, Art & Design, Design and Technology, Music, PSHE, Citizenship and, adapted to our own circumstances: P.E.-golf, Religious studies/Catholic Religion (optional) and as foreign language: Chinese. Added to these, two which are part of the Spanish Curriculum: Spanish Language and Conocimiento del Medio (Science, society, and culture).
  • Contents are drawn up according to skills that need to be acquired in this stage:
    • Application of numbers
    • Communication
    • Technological information
    • Increasing self-learning abilities
    • Team work
    • Problem solving
  • Teachers are mainly English native graduates and Spanish teachers for Spanish culture subjects.
  • Further studies: After passing Primary stage, students accede Secondary School.

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Sage College : The British school of Jerez

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